Backpack’s components

You need to buy or find these components.
Be careful, for some of the components, you’ll need to get the specific references listed in order for them to operate properly with the software or the remote control (please read comments).

Picture Component name Quantity Site Comment Approximate price
backpack Backpack  1  Backpack example  You need a backpack with a large front pocket. A waterproof one would be perfect. Click here to know how to prepare the backpack. €15.00
Led matrix Adafruit
led matrix 16×32
 1  Adafruit  A powerfull RGB led matrix 16×32. You must buy this specific reference. €25.00
Bluno Bluno
(Arduino uno with bluetooth)
 1  DFRobot  An arduino UNO with integrated bluetooth module. You must buy this specific reference (only DFRobot bluno can pair with another DFRobot bluno)

Erratum : Sorry, I made a terrible mistake with the previous link. It’s not a Bluno M3 (SKU: DFR0329). 🙁
You have to buy a simple Bluno (SKU: DFR0267).
Xiaomi battery  Xiaomi battery  1  DX  You need a 5v 2A battery for led matrix. €20.00
Protoshield  Protoshield  1  DX  A simple protoshield €3.50
pins Pin headers 1 DX 2×8 pins headers €2.00
Temperature sensor DHT11  Temperature sensor DHT11  1  DX  A temperature and humidity sensor. You need to buy this specific reference. €2.50
Real-time clock  Real-time clock  1  DX  A realtime clock. You need to buy this specific reference. €2.00
Battery 9V  Rechargeable battery 9v  1  DX  2 rechargeable batteries with charger  €15.00
Battery holder  9V battery holder  1  DX  €1.50
mini power switches  Mini power switches  2  DX  You just need two of them (one for the backpack and one for the remote). You need to buy this specific reference for the remote control.  €4.50
DC connector DC Connector  1 DX €2.00
usb USB male Cable 1 DX €2.00
clearcover Book Clearcover 1 Transparent cover for notebook, books…
Total : €125.00


Do you have all the components? Good, well, you are ready for the next step : how to prepare your backpack !