Known issues

Like for any project there is still room for improvement with Arduibag!
Here are some improvements to make with the current version…

Priority Description
1  The backpack is waterproof but, however, the case is not. The challenge is to seal the joystick!
2  The price! The cost of this Arduino project is not accessible to all. There surely is a way to optimize the cost of all components.
3 The power consumption of the remote control (!?!) Even if the communication between the backpack and the case is in Bluetooth 4.0 (low power consumption), the battery seems to drain a little too quickly (perhaps a defect of my personal 9V battery).
4  Too many batteries in the backpack. It is certainly possible to have a single battery for the LED screen and the Arduino board…
5 A universal fastening system for the remote control.
6 The “STOP” message is manual… why not using an accelerator sensor to automatically display the message !
7 A mobile application for having a real “connected” backpack.
Having cool new features like:

  • Using the GPS to determine bike speed
  • Using the GPS to display the “STOP” message
  • Using the GPS to display “flahsing arrows” on a predefined roadtrip.
  • Display news from RSS feed
  • Display messages dictated by the mobile voice recognition