Prepare the case

Step 1: Install 4 nuts into the case’s joystick cover

To prepare the Arduibag case, first, you need to fix nuts inside the joystick cover.
(You only need to glue them if they move too much).

Important: You must at least secure the nut shown in green by gluing it because we still haven’t found how to prepare an “honorable place” for this one! 🙂

Nuts for joystick

Step 2: Glue one nut into the top cover

nut top cover

Step 3: Install the remote control’s electronics in your Arduibag case

Transparent remote

Don’t forget to glue the power switch to secure it :

remote electronics


Step 4: Install the 4 screws to close the joystick cover

Important: you need to use the correct screws in the correct holes (see photo below) otherwise you may damage the cover case or you won’t be able to use the joystick correctly.

Wow! Now you are ready for the last part: program your remote control !