Software for the backpack

What you need

You need to download these libraries:

And put them into your personal “Arduino libraries” folder (read the Adafruit documentation if you are an Arduino beginner).

Then download this archive:

And put the “Arduibag” subfolder (with Arduibag.h, Arduibag.cpp and Sprites.h) in your personal “Arduino libraries” folder.

Main sketch

Then you need to use and compile the Arduibag backpack sketch:

Now you can compile this sketch and program your backpack.

Important: the bluetooth integrated to the bluno communicates with both D0 and D1 pins. Therefore your backpack can’t communicate with the remote control when it is connected to your computer (via the USB cable). If you want to test your backpack with the remote control, you must disconnect it from the computer and use it with the 9V battery. 

Huh ! Your remote control and your backpack are now ready to fight!

Congratulations! A wonderful adventure, isn’t it?

Last step: read the Arduibag user manual.