Remote control’s components

You need to buy or find these components.
Be careful, for some of them, specific references are required to ensure perfect fit in the 3D printed case (please read comments).

Picture Component name Quantity Site Comment Approximate price
 Arduibag remote 3d model  3D printing model  1  See this page  You’ll find here everything you need to print you own remote model.  €58.00
RGB Led  RGB LED  2 eBay You must buy this specific reference otherwise your LED will not fit in the remote control: JY-MCU (3 Clor)  €2.00
Wires  Wires  5  eBay  Buy different colors. Fine specific wire: KYNAR AWG30 €7.50
Bluno nano  Bluno nano  1  DFRobot  You must buy this specific reference otherwise the remote never pairs with the backpack Bluno one.  €33.00
9v battery connector  9V Battery connector  1  DX  You just need one of them.  €2.00
Joystick Joystick 1  DX  You must buy the Keyes joystick (only this reference) otherwise your joystick will not fit in the remote control.  €2.50
mini power switches Power switch 1 You already got it for the backpack components!
screws Screws with nuts 5
  • 1x (3×30 mm) for joystick cover
  • 1x (3x25mm) for joystick cover
  • 1x (3x20mm) for joystick cover
  • 1x (3x14mm) for joystick cover
  • 1x (3x10mm) for top cover
Total €105.00

Once you’ve gathered all the components, you are ready to prepare the electronics.