User manual: learn how to use your backpack

How do I install the Arduibag remote control on my bike?


To install the Arduibag remote control on your bike, you need to replace your brake screw (the one that helps tighten the brake lever on the handlebar) with a longer screw. You can then insert the remote control onto this new screw and tighten the whole thing with a “wing bolt” (The “wing bolt” will allow you to easily remove the remote control to prevent it from being stolen).


How do I use Arduibag during the day?

During the day, Arduibag only needs to display important information which is therefore displayed upon the biker’s request. This is why we provide a “Day mode”.

First, you need to switch on Arduibag. When you see the “Bluetooth animation”, you can switch on the remote control.

Then move your joystick to the right to activate the day mode.

Follow theses instructions to use Arduibag:

Arduibag Day mode

How do I use Arduibag when it is dark?

When it’s dark, cyclists need to be very visible. Arduibag offers a “Night mode” which always displays something even if you’re not using the joystick: animation, time, travel time, temperature, humidity…

The procedure is the same as for the “Day mode” but you need to move the joystick to the left.

Arduibag Night mode

How can I signal a car accident with my Arduibag?

Arduibag has a special mode for this type of situation!

If you witness an accident while using your Arduibag, please stop on the side of the road. Switch off the backpack and the remote control, and switch them back on until you get the “Night or Day” mode selection screen.

Then, push down your joystick to display the Warning sign on your backpack.

Arduibag Car accident

I need to know what the temperature or the time is. Is this possible with Arduibag?

Arduibag also has a special mode for this!

Just push up your joystick when you get the “Night or Day” mode selection screen.

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