They talk about Arduibag !

Thank you to all those who gave visibility to the Arduibag project even in countries that we would never have thought of … Internet is magic ! 🙂



Hackaday  «…you are ready to hit the road, hopefully without actually hitting the road.»
Adafruit «Arduibag: A connected backpack for bike riders #WearableWenesday»
Custom protocol «Le concept est en tout cas vachement sympa et on se demande pourquoi personne n’y a pensé avant…»
Gadgetify «Trying this open source project can be a great learning experience.»
Live Smart «The perfect project to spice up your daily ride whether you’re a dab hand at DIY or a complete novice»
DFRobot «Use Bluno to make a blinky LED bike bag, in case of someone will hit you.»
El Ciudadano «¿ Que le añadirían a esta mochila ?»
Gunook «Arduibag: ein angeschlossener Rucksack für Radfahrer »
 Cadagile «Arduibag: een aangesloten rugzak voor fiets renners»
 ICbanQ Arduibag : 자전거 라이더를 위한 연결 백팩!